Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here's a great Kickstarter project by Alabamian Jason Worley.  It's a vinyl compilation featuring some of the most primitive Garage Rock & Roll, the wildest reverb drenched Surf riffs, and the fastest frantic Punk songs coming out of Alabama right now!

These bands are keeping the flame of the venerable musical traditions of the blues, old time and rock and roll.

He's going to press as many records as you make possible, and give those not pre-sold to the bands. Free. So they can sell them. For 100% profit. That's right. Your money is going directly to provide killer bands with killer merch. Merch they can sell to put gas in their tank. Merch they can use to book shows. Merch that will raise awareness as far as these comps travel!

For a little as $5 donation you can vote for a band you think should be included in the compilation.  Check out the project page for the complete dope.

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