Tuesday, February 10, 2009

George Wallace Jr's First Single

George C. Wallace III (also known as George Wallace Jr.) is the only son of Alabama Governors George Corley and Lurleen Wallace. George Wallace Jr. had his own his political career, during which he served as Alabama's State Treasurer and on the Alabama Public Service Commission. As a young man he also had something of a musical career as frontman for his own garage band. George Wallace Jr.'s bandmate John Botts writes about them playing at father George C. Wallace's political rallies and that "while Lurleen was being treated for her cancer, she would often call the boys while they were rehearsing, place the phone by her hospital bed, and enjoy their music until she fell asleep."

George Wallace Jr's first record was released circa the mid-60s. The A side is an ode to his politician parents:

Side B an ode to a "Little Blue Pill".

Though I haven't found a discography, I know that there are also several releases by George Wallace Jr. on MGM. According to a Huntsville Times article from 2008, George Wallace Jr. is now enjoying his life away from politics. Besides working on writing a book he says he is also playing music so, maybe his musical career is not over yet.

Many thanks to George Hadjidakis for the label scans.

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